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Should you know of any press material on the Net that concerns Steve and is not listed below, please kindly notify us about it. These are the links to online interviews, articles and reviews. We are working on scanning all the press material from magazines, and adding them to this section. Below’s list is only a small part of all the press coverage.

Rate My Rave: Interview (Jun 2023)
909 Originals: Interview (Apr 2023)

DAAD Gathering: Video interview (Nov 2022)
Thomann Synthesizers: Video interview (Jun 2022)
XLR8R: Interview (Jun 2022)
Technostation: Feature (Jun 2022)
Nightclubber: Interview (Feb 2022)

Groove Magazin: Interview (Sep 2021)
Attack Magazine: Feature (Aug 2021)
15 Questions: Interview (Aug 2021)
Dekmantel: Interview (Mar 2021)

Telekom Electronic Beats: Interview (Dec 2020)
Bakkie Bakkie: Interview (Nov 2020)
Blind Test by Electronic Beats: Feature (Oct 2020)
Sixty Kicks: Interview (May 2020)
The Golden Hour: Interview (Apr 2020)
Magnetic Mag: Interview (Mar 2020)

6AM: Interview (Dec 2019)
Aught Mag: Interview (Nov 2019)
Egg London: Interview (Oct 2019)
Faze Magazin: Feature (Oct 2019)
Sparse: Interview (May 2019) Interview (Apr 2019)

Ransom Note: Interview & mix (Dec 2018)
DJ Mag: Interview & Podcast (Nov 2018)
Alataj Brazil: Interview with Steve Rachmad (Oct 2018)
DJ Mag: Favorite Amsterdam gems (Oct 2018)
6AM: Q&A with Dailycid showcase guest artists (Oct 2018)
Techno Scene: Techno Artist of the week Steve Rachmad vs. Sterac (Feb 2018)

Ibiza Voice: Podcast & Interview with Steve Rachmad (Dec 2017)
DJ Mag: Mentions Steve Rachmad’s set at Circoloco x Loveland ADE (Nov 2017)
Hyponik: Parallel track defining Cosmic Boogie track (Nov 2017)
Groove-Magazin: Sterac’s ‘Scorp’ features in Groove’s ‘Token top 10’ (Nov 2017)
Stereo Minds: Mega entrevista com o veterano techneiero faronico Steve Rachmad (Nov 2017)
The Partae: Sterac interview (Nov 2017)
6AM: Rave Curious the Podcast (Nov 2o17)
Ibiza Voice: Top Ten Techno tracks (Oct 2017)
The Playground: 5 minutes with Steve Rachmad (Sep 2017)
Entertainment Business: ADE interview (Sep 2017) 
Deep House Amsterdam: Steve Rachmad interview (July 2017)
DLSO:  DLSO mentions Sterac Electronics’ “Things To Think About” as one of June’s best albums (June 2017)
The Ransom Note: Influences: Sterac Eletronics (June 2017)
Resident Advisor: STERAC named as key performance Movement Detroit (07/06/2017)

Techno Station: In The Booth with Steve Rachmad (16/03/2017)
The Raving Spoon: Steve Rachmad wins the Spoon Award for the perfect DJ set (February 2017)
6AM: Celebrate Black History Month With These Iconic DJs (February 2017)
The Ransom Note: Artist to Artist: Steve Rachmad talks to Kr!z
Awakenings: 9 tracks by Steve Rachmad featured in top 1000 ultimate techno tracks (February 2017)

DJ Mag NL: Token presents STERAC / Scorp interview (December 2016)
Creaductions: Steve Rachmad interview (16/11/2016)

Koridor: Steve Rachmad interview (27/09/2016) Steve Rachmad interview (27/08/2016)

Skiddle: Steve Rachmad Interview: Detroit Will Always Be Taken To New Grounds (28/01/2016)

Jaeger Oslo: Hi-Tech Soul: Detroit in conversation with Steve Rachmad and Joachim Dahl Houmb (26/09/2015)
Thump: Steve Rachmad remixt ‘This Is How’ van Yotam Avni (14/09/2015)

Housecult: 4×4: Personal Picks By Steve Rachmad (29/08/2015)
WASABEAT: Steve Rachmad interview (15/07/2015)

Earmilk: Movement Flashback: A time-out with Steve Rachmad in the Motor City (07/07/2015)
Thump: Tracing the Detroit-Amsterdam Techno Connection With Steve Rachmad + Nitin – Dubbed Out (Parallel 9 Version By Steve Rachmad) exclusive stream (28/04/2015)

Data Transmission: 5 Steps With Steve Rachmad (29/04/2015)
Hiroshima: Steve Rachmad / STERAC interview (09/04/2015)
Parkett: Steve Rachmad interview (March 2015)
Pulse Radio: Steve Rachmad interview (15/03/2015)
Thought Catalog: A Love Letter To Club Trouw Amsterdam (21/01/2015)

TRAX: Steve Rachmad / STERAC interview + podcast (12/12/2014)
Okkana: Steve Rachmad interview (02/12/2014)
Crack Magazine: STERAC Interview: The Dutch techno veteran on STERAC, Detroit and Amsterdam’s flourishing techno scene (09/12/2014)
Nowamuzyka: STERAC interview (04/12/2014)
fabric: “I’ve Grown Together With The Music”: In Converstation With Steve Rachmad (STERAC) (25/11/2014)
Beatguide: Happy Birthday, Steve Rachmad! In-depth interview (15/11/2014)
Deep House Amsterdam: Exclusive Interview With Steve Rachmad (12/11/2014) Steve Rachmad: Techno With A Soul (23/10/2014)
The Playground: The Man Behind The Machine – Feature On Steve Rachmad aka STERAC (07/10/2014)
Dub Monitor: Interview: Sterac (Steve Rachmad)  (09/09/2014)
Bodytonic Music: Record Digging: Steve Rachmad (21/07/2014)

textura: Questionnaire II: 36 / Steve Rachmad / Dirk Serries (17/06/2014)
Houseqult: The Secret Chamber of Dreams: Steve Rachmad (01/05/2014)
DJBroadcast: Steve Rachmad gaat voor record (12/11/2014) Back to basics with Steve Rachmad’s first marathon set (11/02/2014)

2013, USA: Out with the lights and in with the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival! (12/11/2013)
Thump, USA: Emojis and Selfies: Texting with DJs from the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (10/11/2013)
Jet Mag, USA: Black Music Month: A Brief History of House (12/06/2013)
Zero Show, Croatia: audio interview with Steve Rachmad (January 2013)

2012 Looking back on 2012, in Dutch (December 2012)
Siam2nite, Bangkok: Interview (December 2012)
Fabric London Blog: B2B interview with Karotte (December 2012)
City Weekend Beijing: interview (November 2012)
TimeOut Beijing: interview (November 2012)
Ibiza Voice: interview (summer 2012)
Overdose: interview (August 2012)
Resident Advisor: Secret Life of Machines review (June 2012)
4Clubbers: interview (June 2012) Rachmad transforms his own classic to the Hawtin era (June 2012) interview (June 2012)
The Electronic Underground: Secret Life of Machines review (June 2012)
Plain and Simple: Secret Life of Machines review (June 2012)
Raveline, DE: 10 records that changed my life (June 2012)
Ape / interview (June 2012)
Partysan Stuttgart: interview (June 2012) interview (June 2012)
Clubbingspain: interview (June 2012)
Video Interview for Clubbersnewyork (May 2012)
iMusic TV, Mixery on stage, video interview (May 2012)
DJ Broadcast: Steve Rachmad documentray (2/5/2012)
Groove Magazine: Steve Rachmad documentary (2/5/2012)
Mixmag: Steve Rachmad documentary (2/5/2012)
Dancefair: video interview with Steve Rachmad (February 2012)
DJ Scene: Terugblikken met Steve Rachmad (January 2012)

Betribes: Steve Rachmad’s 2011 (December 2011)
Resident Advisor: Playing favourites: Steve Rachmad (11/11/2011)
Groove Magazine visits Steve Rachmad’s studio (September/October 2011)
Welcome to the future festival, NL: video interview with Steve Rachmad (August 2011), USA: Video interview (July 2011)
DJBroadcast, NL: Steve Rachmad: De opkomst van de minimal heeft mij veel meer diversiteit gebracht (June 2011) Looking back on 2010 with Steve Rachmad (13-01-2011)

2010 10 questions to Steve Rachmad (November 2010)
Kai Zen video interview filmed at Fabric London, UK (November 12, 2010)
Bibz.Me Always proper Noize, (October 2010): Polish version and English version
Rotten Fresh, Indonesia (June 2010)
Time Out, Amsterdam, NL: Top 5 (March 2010)

DJScene, NL: Terugblikken met Steve Rachmad (31-12-2009)
APE Magazine, NL: De knoppenman (October 2009)

DJScene, NL: Terugblikken met Steve Rachmad (30-12-2008)
Freshguide, Germany: Steve Rachmad special (November 2008)
See The Sound TV, Brazil: Interview (01/05/2008)
Fret Holland: Godfathers – Steve Rachmad (May 2008)
SmartBiz Radio: Interview, with Steve’s radio set in the background (April 2008)
De Bug, Germany: Steve Rachmad-Rond Bot review (April 2008)
K4, Ljubljana Slovenia: Sweet 13 with Steve Rachmad (April 2008)
DJ Scene, NL: Mijmeren over zwart goud (03/04/2008)
L.O.S., NL: Technovader Steve Rachmad doet het met De Jeugd (March 2008)
Urban Catarsis, Spain: Steve Rachmad remix of DK7 in Top 10 records of February 2008

Poptical, NL: video interview (19/12/2007)
De Gelderlander, NL: Steve Rachmad viert z’n technofeestje in Nijmegen (15/11/2007)
Rexorama, France: Steve Rachmad – Techno tourist: interview and release review (11/2007)
Beatburguer, Spain: Interview (06/09/2007)
Urban Catarsis, Barcelona, Spain: Interview (August 2007)
Beat Magazine, Spain: Back to Detroit (May 2007)
Interface, NL: The Real Thing (May 2007)
Outsoon, Belgium: Interview (10/05/2007)
MTV, NL: Interview (April 2007)
Outbox, NL: interview (April 2007), Belgium: Neo Classica album review (April 2007)
DJ Scene, NL: Neo Classica album review (26/04/2007)
TW Magazine, NL: Neo Classica album review (17/04/2007)
Metro, NL: interview (06/04/2007)
Volkskrant, NL: Interview (06/04/2007)
DJ Broadcast, NL: Interview (03/04/2007)
Partyscene, NL: Interview (03/04/2007)
Partysan, Germany: Neo Classica album review (March 2007)
Little Detroit, UK: Neo Classica album review (March 2007)
DJ Scene, NL: Interview (30/03/2007)
365 Mag: Interview (26/03/2007)
Pitch Control, Croatia: Interview (2007)
Ibiza Voice: Neo Classica LP – Steve Rachmad’s techno tale (26/02/2007)

Cisco Records, Tokyo, Japan: Steve Rachmad, Neo Classica (20/12/2006)
 DJ Broadcast, NL: History of dance: Sterac – Asphyx (1995) (27/09/2006)
SKTM, Spain: 64th anniversary of Florida 135 with D. Clarke and S. Rachmad (17/08/2006)
Rraurl, Brazil: Sterac: Secret Life of Machines (25/07/2006)
Rraurl, Brazil: Steve Rachmad in the country with 25 years of music on his back (19/07/2006)
Rave, Czech Republic: Steve Rachmad: music, sun, nature (14/7/2006)
3voor12, NL: Steve Rachmad houdt wel van Bacharach met Elvis Costello (01/07/2006)
DJ Mania, Spain: front page and interview special (April-May 2006)
Guestlist, Holland: Steve Rachmad: Rising line for 25 years already (May 2006)
Fret, Holland: Steve Rachmad: Soundfreak celebrates his 25-year jubilee (April 2006)
Partyflock, Holland: Steve Rachmad and Music: Silver marriage anniversary (06/04/2006)
Dance Club, Portugal: Interview with Steve Rachmad (March 2006)
Release Magazine, Holland: Steve Rachmad special (March 2006)
365 Mag: Interview with Steve Rachmad (16/02/2006)
Technoville: Press release Awakenings April 8, 2006
44100hz, Russia: Steve Rachmad’s 25 Years in Music (14/02/2006)
Daily Fresh, Holland: Steve Rachmad special (look for January 2006 edition in the archive)

Go Magazine, Holland: Innercity Review (21/12/2005)
Beatfreax, Holland: Innercity review (20/12/2005)
DJ Broadcast, Holland: interview (14/12/2005)
Beatfreax, Holland: Steve Rachmad and Joel Mull at Electronation Radio (07/12/2005)
365 Mag: 2006 World Tour (07/12/2005)
Love 2 Party, Holland: 2006 World Tour (06/12/2005)
Partyscene, Holland: 2006 World Tour (06/12/2005)
Resident Advisor, Australia: 2006 World Tour (02/12/2005)
Clubbing Spain, Spain: 2006 World Tour (02/12/2005)
Groovetrackers, Holland: 2006 World Tour (02/12/2005)
DJ Broadcast, Holland: Red Bull Music Academy at Amsterdam Dance Event (02/11/2005)
Resident Advisor, Australia: Amsterdam Dance Event (27/10/2005)
In the mix, Australia (08/09/2005)
European Union, Delegation of the European Union to Japan (07/09/2005)
3 voor 12, Holland: Awakenings Festival 2005 (03/07/2005)
3 voor 12: Steve Rachmad: De dance scene heeft nieuwe impulsen nodig (02/07/2005)
Florida 135, Spain (14/03/2005)
Little Detroit, UK: Sterac release on Ion review (17/02/2005)
SmartBiz, Brasil: radio interview (02/2005)
Rraurl, Brasil (10/02/2005)
Clubcharts, Holland: Back 2 back interview, Steve Rachmad vs. Joel Mull (08/01/2005)

2004 and earlier
3 voor 12, Holland: Awakenings Festival 2004 (03/07/2004)
Off Techno, Spain (19/02/2004)
Gurn, UK: Atomic Jam night review (10/08/2002)
Clubbing Spain, Spain (10/06/2002)
Pegla, Croatia: Detroit Electronic Music Festival (25/05/2002)
Clubber, Czech Republic: interview (2000)
Wikipedia Encyclopedia: Rachmad as one of the few masters of analog tape editing in the World
Future Music: Steve Rachmad, King of techno (Dec 98/Jan 99)