1.Black Scorpion: Time Travelling, 12″-ESP Records-1993 (ESP 9140-1)
2.A Scorpion’s Dream: Aqua Dance, 12”—Fragile Records (FRG 09)
3.Rachmad Project Part One, 12”—Spiritual Records (TRIP 107)
4.Rachmad Project Part Two, 12”—Spiritual Records (TRIP 112)
5.Rachmad Project Part Three, 12”—Spiritual Records—1994 (TRIP 115)
6.Black Scorpion: Dreamworld, 12”—ESP Records—1994 (ESP 9151-1)
7.Rachmad Project Part Four, 12”—Spiritual Records (TRIP 118)
8.Rachmad Project Part Five, 2×12”—Spiritual Records (TRIP 126)
9.Sterac: Sitting on Clouds, 12”—100% Pure—1994 (PURE 05)
10.Tons of Tones: Back in Time, 12”—Urban Sound of Amsterdam—1994 (USA 3001)
11.Tons of Tones: Smooth Touches, 12”—Urban Sound of Amsterdam—1994 (USA 3005)
12.Norma G.: Son of Norma, 12”—Urban Sound of Amsterdam—1994 (USA 3006)
13.Adverse Match: Draconis EP, 12”—Jericho (JEL 005)
14.Black Scorpion: Empyrion, 12”—ESP Records—1995 (ESP 1995-6)
15.Sterac: Asphyx, 12”—100% Pure—1995 (PURE 09)
16.Tons of Tones: Teardrops, 12”—Urban Sound of Amsterdam—1995 (USA 3017)
17.Parallel 9: Gnosis, 12”—Prime
18.Parallel 9: Q, 12”—Prime—1996 (PRIME 043)
19.Rachmad Project Part Six, 12”—Spiritual Records—1996 (TRIP 141)
20.Tons of Tones: Photogene, 12”—Urban Sound of Amsterdam—1996 (USA 3026)
21.Sterac: Secret Life of Machines, 2×12”—100% Pure—1996 (PURE LP 1)
22.Sterac: Secret Life of Machines, CD—100% Pure—1996 (PURE CD 1)
23.Sterac vs. Jerome: Trillip One, 12”—100% Pure—1996 (PURE 20)
24.Publique Space: Prometheus/Menuditis, 12”—Underwater Records—1996 (H20 004)
25.The Lonely Guy: Saying all that crap, track on Spiritual Tracks Vol. 6, CD—Outland (TRIP CD 006)
26.Ignacio: Organa/Organon, 12”—Music Man—1997 (MM 038)
27.Sterac: Skreel Ah/Nemec, 12”—M-Plant—1997 (MP 314)
28.Sterac: Intersphere, track on Get Lost, 2xCD—Multiplex—1997 (MPCD02)
29.Sterac: Osirion, 12”—100% Pure—1997 (PURE 19)
30.Tons of Tones: Platinum, 2×12”—Urban Sound of Amsterdam—1997 (USA 3051 LP)
31.Tons of Tones: Nocturno, 12”—Fierce!—1997 (DBM 3133)
32.Sterac: Dominus, track on Roxy 10 Years, 12”—Kubin—1997 (Kubin 12 000)
33.Sterac: Bad luck, track on 12”—Kozzmozz—1998 (KZ02 VI)
34.Ignacio: (Move It To) The Big Band, 12”—Music Man—1998 (MM 044)
35.Sterac: Cyvax, track on Amsterdam Inc., CD—Mazzo—1998 (MAZ 998 CD)
36.Sterac: Thera, 2×12”—100% Pure—1998 (PURE LP 3)
37.Sterac: Thera, CD—100% Pure—1998 (PURE CD 3)
38.Tons of Tones: Platinum, CD—Death Becomes Me—1998 (DBM-3393-4)
39.Tons of Tones: Sisteron, 12”—Urban Sound of Amsterdam (USA 3057)
40.Dreg: Glow in the Dark, 12”—Contact (CON 007-6)
41.Dreg: Up That Hill, 12”—100% Pure (PURE 23)
42.Ignacio: Virton, track on 12″-Kozzmozz-1999 (KZ03 VI)
43.Flexible (with Jerome): Symptoms, 12”—Offshoot-1999 (SHOOT 009)
44.Emerging, CD—Emergency Broadcast (SOS 023)
45.Parallel 9: Technique, 12”—Generations (GEN 013)
46.Ignacio: Humana-ised, 12”—Music Man—1999 (MM 053)
47.Sterac: Rolling Thunder, track on Tresor Compilation Vol. 7, 2×12”—Tresor—1999 (Tresor 123)
48.Sterac: Rolling Thunder, track on Tresor Compilation Vol. 7, CD—Tresor—1999 (Tresor 123 CD)
49.Ignacio: Re-Humana, 12”—Music Man—1999 (MMSPEC 06)
50.Ignacio: Sidra, track on MM 061, 12”—Music Man—1999 (MM 061)
51.Ignacio: Sikora, 12”—Music Man—1999 (MM 060)
52.VCP: Area, 12”—Tortured Records—1999 (PAIN 019)
53.Parallel 9: Index, 2×12”—Music Man—2000 (MM 063)
54.Scorp: Atomitron/Perdition, 12”—Scorp—2000 (SCORP 001)
55.Scorp: Take One/Take Two, 12”—Scorp—2000 (SCORP 002)
56.Scorp: Crashed at the End/Tin Can, 12”—Scorp—2000 (SCORP 003)
57.Sterac: Untitled, 12”—Tresor—2000 (Tresor 143)
58.Tir Na Nog, 12”—Rotation Records—2000 (ROTO 0023)
59.Scorp: New Energy/Energetix, 12”—Scorp—2001 (SCORP 004)
60.In the Mix, CD—Music Man—2001 (MM CD 014)
61.Ignacio: Virton, 12”—Music Man—2001 (MM 077)
62.Ignacio: Chios, 12”—Music Man—2001 (MM 084)
63.Sinosphere, 12”—Sino—2001 (SINO 03)
64.Sterac Electronics: My Preparation, 12”—Interpersonal XP—2002 (IE 001)
65.Caterpillar, track on 6×12”—Cocoon Recordings—2002 (COR LP 005)
66.Caterpillar, track on CD—Cocoon Recordings—2002 (COR CD 005)
67.Adverse Match: No Hype, 12”—Jericho—2003 (JEL 023)
68.Legacy of a lost world, track on 12”—Music Man—2003 (MM 100)
69.Dreg: Filter Madness, 12”—CLR—2003 (CLR 10)
70.Scorp: Repaired/One Side, 12”—Scorp—2003 (SCORP 005)
71.Steve Rachmad & Petar Dundov: Amsterdam Session, 10”—Music Man—2003 (MM 0104)
72.Sterac Electronics, 12”—Keep on Running—2003 (MM106)
73.Scorp: Maluma/Malhela, 12”—Scorp—2004 (SCORP 006)
74.Ignacio: Evolving/Sambing, 12”—Music Man—2004 (MM107)
75.Sterac Electronics: Atlantis EP, 12”—Interpersonal XP 2—2004 (IE 002)
76.Sterac: More or less, 12”—Ion—2004 (ION003)
77.Sterac: Heaven’s Mouth, 12”—Ion—2005 (ION004)
78.Parallel 9: Dominus, 12”—Music Man—2005 (MM 117)
79.Sterac Electronics: Night Heat, 12”—Music Man—2005 (MM 119)
80.Steve Rachmad and Joel Mull: Amsterdam Session II, 10”—Music Man—2006 (MM 122)
81.STERAC: As Pure as it Gets (track on 100% Pure album)—100% Pure—2006 (PURE LP4)
82. Steve Rachmad and Heiko Laux: Shared wave, track on Heiko Laux’s album “Waves”, 2×12”—Kanzleramt—2006 (KA 133)
83. Steve Rachmad and Heiko Laux: Shared wave, 12”—Kanzleramt—2006 (KA 133 LTD)
84. I am a machine, 12”—Sino—2006 (Sino 16)
85. Neo Classica, 2×12”—Sino—2006 (Sino 102 LP)
86. Neo Classica, 3×12”—Sino—2006 (Sino 102 LP)
87. Neo Classica, CD—Sino—2006 (Sino 102 CD)
88. Moog on Acid, 12”—Music Man—2007 (MM131)
89. STERAC aka Steve Rachmad: Rond/Bot, 12”—Delsin—2008 (70 dsr/str1)
90. Square garden, 12”—HEY—2008 (EC 78)
91. Hidden Alleys, 12”—Saved Records—2009 (SVALBO2C)
92. Steve Rachmad and Heiko Laux: Hutspot—Truesoul Records—2009 (TRUE1221)
93. Steve Rachmad: Systematic Denial-Systematic Records-2009 (SYST0010-2)
94. Steve Rachmad and Heiko Laux: The Broken Cup EP-Figure SPC-2010 (figure spc h)
95. Steve Rachmad: Strings of Love-Get Digital-2010 (GDM015)
96. Steve Rachmad presents Ignacio: Virton Upgraded-Music Man-2010 (MM152)
97. Steve Rachmad: From Japan with Love-Plus Records-2011
98. Steve Rachmad: Fruit of the Room-Wolfskuil Records-2011
99. Steve Rachmad and Heiko Laux: The Viking-Soma Records-2011
100. Steve Rachmad: Boogie Moogie-Rush Hour-2011
101. Parallel 9: Magnetic Reversal (Music Man-2012)
102. Steve Rachmad: Bling it up! (Rejected-2012)
103. Steve Rachmad: Secret Life of Machines Remastered and Remixed (100% Pure Records-2012)
104. Steve Rachmad: Secret Life of Machines remixes (100% Pure Records-2012)
105. STERAC: The Hypnoticus (Delsin—2014)
106. STERAC: Klockworks 12 (Klockworks—2014)
107. STERAC: Different Strokes (Mote Evolver—2015)
108. Steve Rachmad: Parallel Shopping (Life & Death—2015)
109. Steve Rachmad: Disturbance (Drumcode LTD—2015)
110. Steve Rachmad: Sabre Song (Bass Culture—2016)
111. STERAC presents Scorp (Token Records—2016)
112. STERAC: Nexea (Indigo Aera—2016)
113. Sterac Electronics: Things to think about (Voyage Direct—2017)
114. STERAC Electronics: Archetype (Voyage Direct—2017)
115. STERAC: Universum (Afterlife—2018)
116. STERAC: Another Moog On Acid (Reclaim Your City—2019)
117: STERAC: 11 (Kanzleramt—2019)
118: STERAC: Aeras (Indigo Aera—2019)
119: STERAC: Astromech (ANGLS-2020)
120: STERAC: Hypnotized (Just This-2020)
121: Sterac Electronics: Reinstated (Tronic-2021)
122: STERAC: Asphyx EP (Delsin-2021)
123: STERAC: Numbers EP (Mote Evolver-2021)
124: Parallel 9: Helix/Gnosis EP (Delsin-2021)
125: STERAC: In Aid Of Ukraine V/A (Natural Selection-2022)
126: STERAC: Missing Secrets (Delsin-2022)
127: STERAC: Lights In The Darkness EP (Token-2022)
128: STERAC: Stone Techno Series 2022 V/A (Stone Techno-2022)
129: Parallel 9: Q (Delsin-2022)