“Steve’s new visuals communicate key concepts related to his music while trying to reflect his path and achievements at a glance.

Steve’s identity as a key figure on the techno field – a particularly saturated one in what concerns visual codes – should be perceived in a refreshing and solid (yet dynamic) way. Here lies the challenge for this project.

The method consisted of producing a clean typographic arrangement, which brings solidity and know-how, and then adding a story to it. The deconstruction brings the idea of movement (as the vibrations of sound itself) and use Steve’s name as the source for these expansive waves: energy around its source.

And of course, there’s a bit of Steve’s hairstyle involved ;)”

Website and logotype concept: David Matos, Shutupandance

Additional graphic work: Aleksandra Grünholz, Studio Chaotyczne

Photos featured on this website are taken by some amazing photographers, we are grateful for their input:
Sander Voets
Niels de Vries
Sven Scholten