INTERVIEW | 909 things you don’t know about Steve. In talk with 909 Originals

The time has come to share some juicy details on Steve’s future plans. With Steve’s interviews being as rare as they are,  a passion-driven stronghold of underground dance music the Dublin-based blog 909 Originals was quite an intuitive choice.

The topics ranged from a wave of Steve’s represses, including “Teknitron” on Delsin, as well as “Midnight Magic” on In the Future; a fundraiser for victims of earthquake in Turkey, Kurdistan and Syria that STERAC is part of, to a flurry of activity surrounding the series of extended live acts with Speedy J – where kicks and pads grow exponentially louder and sharper with each performance.

Last but not least, we received some updates from the source – as Steve spilled some tea on upcoming collabs (with Lady Starlight as well as Modular Mayhem’s  Colin Benders) and releases. Fjaak, Kr!z, you’ve been seen!

Check the whole conversation out here and see you on the late-night trail!