Steve Rachmad – Parallel Shopping on Life and Death

Released on: Life and Death
Release date: 11-09-2015 (digital) / 23-10-2015 (vinyl)
Cat. nr.: LAD025
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1. Parallel Shopping
2. Out In The Open (Edit)

In a shopping mall of singing machines a revolution is brewing. Where instead of you going shopping for them, the machines slowly rise up, collect themselves together and decide to go shopping for you. In ‘Parallel Shopping’ we can hear the sounds of the machines organising themselves out of their slumber as they slowly begin their bizarre free market march to gather their forces and prepare to stock up on you.

Flipping over to the next side the story continues with ‘Out In The Open (Edit)’. Their plans having been revealed to the masses, the machines have no other option but to launch a full scale attack. Under the cover of night the machines rally their forces as soft synths sing their rhetoric into the night while the crash of metal and booming basses foreshadow the likely winner of this sortie…

The EP is out now on Beatport, and will physically hit the stores on 23-10-2015. Find the snippets here. Find the EP on Beatport here.

Cool stuff, thanks!!
Developer: Out in the open 😉 thanks
Matt Tolfrey: Parallel Shopping is great…
Phil Kieran: awesome awesome awesome I love Steve Rachmad
Richy Ahmed: Love this both sides
Cottam: Yeah, Steve’s still doing the business…. Both tracks are crackers bot Parallel Shopping proper sucked me in and spat me out.
Alan Fitzpatrick: Massive!
Breach: Love steve’s music and this is super. Will be playing on the radio and in my sets.. 🙂
Adam Beyer: Wow, steve is a legend, very classy release
Simon Baker: This is ace. Nice production, Love it!
Kiki: Just what i need for the upcoming summer-party- closing-weekend in Italy to play it once more
“Out In The Open”.
John Osborn: Steve Rachmad – solid as always!
Chymera: This right here is some serious business from the man like steve.. He never does any wrong!
Ambivalent: Rachmad is a legend. These are a super nice side of his music. Very nice stuff!
Adana Twins: Out In the Open is killer! Thanks for sending
Norman Nodge: Both tracks rock, have a slight preference for Berghain “Out In The Open”. Many thanks!
Deetron: Bravo Steve!
Joel Mull: Again timeless pieces of Music by Steve. Always a pleasure to have his music in the arsenal. Can’t wait to play this out. Thank you for the Music.
Joris Voorn: The master at work! Love this more emotional side of Steve.

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38th most charted Resident Advisor track September

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