Steve Rachmad announces STERAC shows

One of Steve Rachmad’s most productive and consistent alter egos STERAC will finally tour the clubs and festivals of the global techno scene. He’s playing a series of selected events that are in line with STERAC’s purist mind-set. Berghain in Berlin, Womb in Tokyo, Paris’ Club Rex, and Dekmantel Festival in The Netherlands are a few. On top of that, releases on Klockworks and Delsin are scheduled.

Pure outlet
The fictitious character closest to Steve Rachmad’s heart is probably STERAC: an outlet of pure techno music as it has been ever since its earliest productions. In 2012, the ‘95 album Secret Life Of Machines was celebrated with a series of remixes from today’s most renowned producers including Ricardo Villalobos, Joris Voorn, Heiko Laux, Marc Romboy, Samuel L Sessions, and Joel Mull.

More recently, Steve decided the time is finally right to clearly label performances given in the spirit of this specific outlet STERAC. Because although gigs under his birth name also usually revolve around, or work towards the energy and depth of techno, they can sidestep to everything from disco to dub. Not STERAC, this personality is about techno in a pure form. Which does not imply there aren’t a million possible interpretations of this genre.

STERAC will play Berghain in Berlin, Club Rex in Paris, Womb in Tokyo, Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam, Output in New York, and a number of other exciting places. To support this new episode in the STERAC story, releases on two of the scene’s finest record labels are scheduled for 2014. First up, an EP on Klockworks from Ben Klock, followed by two Delsin records right after summer. For more information on future STERAC activity, please keep an eye on this website.