Steve Rachmad and Sterac Electronics remixes for Tracey | Dial Records

After Tracey‘s stunning debut album, Tracey invites his friends and favorite producers to create this wonderful package of remixes.

“With Steve Rachmad aka Sterac Electronics a star from Amsterdam’s vibrant Techno scene contributes two incredible remixes to the EP. Darling is a longtime collaborator and friend who shares a studio with Tracey, and their magical collection of analogue synthesizers. Equally obsessed with machines is another neighbor, Jordan GCZ, who is most well known for his multi-instrumentalist formations Magic Mountain High and Juju & Jordash. Last but not least Dial Records co-owner Lawrence takes a stand and rounds up the last release in 2019.” – Dial Records

Track list:
SLPNGVLCN (Steve Rachmad Remix)
DRMRBT (Darling Remix)
DRMRBT (Jordan GCZ Wet N Wild Remix)
CCLRT (Sterac Electronics Remix)
TRR (Lawrence Remix)