STERAC contributes to Dimi Angélis’ Sanctuary compilation

All proceeds from this release will go directly to the Wild 2 Free animal sanctuary in Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

The sanctuary was completely destroyed by the wildfires and many animals have died. We want to help with donations so they can rebuild the sanctuary and continue their important work adopting injured and orphaned animals.

Artists involved are AcronymAdriana LopezThe AdventDimi AngélisEmily JeanneEric FetcherEvigt MörkerOscar MuleroP.E.A.R.L., PfirterPlanetary Assault SystemsRhywShiftedSighaStanislav TolkachevSTERAC, Surgeon, Zadig.

Artwork by Silent Servant | Photo by Simone Ling | Mastering by MaSpaventi & Dave Miller

The compilation will be released on 02/03/2020