REMIX | STERAC’s spin on Trunkline’s track. Out on Arkham Audio

The duo of Madben and Yann Lean is known for their machine-driven live acts & jacking kind of techno. Similarly, last year’s album of Trunkline, “Mercy”, was based around a pretty direct, unpolished sound, one that’s suited for warehouses.

The follow-up digital-only remix EP gives it a nice twist and includes a dreamy, pad-driven, yet equally groovy STERAC reinterpretation. His remix of the track “Overlaps” is about pure rhythm and one gated synth so finely tuned that it seems to manifest the exact way forward.

Released by Liège🇧🇪-based  label Arkham Audio, the release also includes versions by Stanislav Tolkachev, Dextro, among others. Oh, there’s also one by Arnaud Le Texier. Distributed by EPM Music, it’s available on all the streaming platforms.

Check it out below: