RELEASE | 4 Speedy & Steve cuts on STOOR’s Stay Home Soundsystem comp

This might be one of the most ambitious release projects Steve has been a part of. STOOR, a Rotterdam-based brainchild of Speedy J is strictly about forwarding the agenda of live electronic-music improvisation and organic yet direct techno straight from the source. As such, it’s not a surprise that 4 collabs of Speedy & Steve. It’s accompanied with astonishing number of other works, 89 tracks altogether.

Following the wrap-up of the intense first season of Speedy & Steve’s extended live-tour, which was the product of STOOR jams, the studio-lab continues its arduous journey, expanding it into a new format. It’s not only a 2 x 12” release but a digital comp including dozens of tracks that Speedy crafted along with one of the best sculptors of sound, documenting the anxious yet extremely creative pandemic period and the artists’ response to the new context they found themselves in.

These recordings effectively transcend its original, community-sustaining purpose. Just take a look at the tracklist. The other artists involved in this landmark endeavour include: Dasha Rush, Fadi Mohem, K!NK, Lady Starlight,Luke Slater, Stanislav Tolkachev & Surgeon…

Get the compilation here.