Nitin – Dubbed Out (Parallel 9 Version By Steve Rachmad) on No.19 Music

Released on: No.19 Music
Release date: 11-05-2015
Cat. nr.: NO19060
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No.19 lynchpin Nitin returns to the fore with a superb new single of deep and dubby house music, backed with remixes from Steve Rachmad & Deadbeat.

Toronto based DJ/producer Nitin has had a busy few years of late. The tireless electronic music aficionado has been a key figure in the explosive expansion of BPM festival, has been integral in the growth of the No.19 label and has toured extensively as a key fixture at the label’s Social Experiment events and beyond. What has been a rarity though is releases. Tracks have appeared on samplers and compilations but it has been almost 3 years since the last full Nitin single was dropped. Fortunately that wait is now over as Nitin steps up with probably his strongest record to date the wonderfully deep and dynamic ‘Dubbed Out’.

The package opens with the original mix, a brilliantly understated slice of dub house that marries sparse drum programming with drawn out chords and subtle FX. This is deep house as it should be, blissfully emotive and truly hypnotic and all conjured from a handful of sounds, perfectly arranged.

The remix package kicks off with a vinyl only mix from Dutch techno stalwart Steve Rachmad under his Parallel 9 moniker. He brings a darker, metallic feel to the record with taut percussion and filtered stabs driving things towards the floor as the swirling pads of the original take on a more menacing note. Next up Montreal dub minimalist Deadbeat takes the reins, turning in a version of ‘Dubbed Out’ that stays true to the name with a flurry of tape delay, a rolling rhythm section and a spacious yet relentless vibe.

The package is completed with a further trio of mixes from Steve Rachmad who obviously had a lot of love for the original, investing as he has four stellar versions. The first of the three closers sees Rachmad journey into melodic and dreamy territory with tranquil pads and a mesmerising riff holding the whole thing together beautifully. The first of the bonus mixes stays very much in the same vein, giving an extended alternative whilst the final bonus mix journeys into more stripped back and abstract realms.

‘Dubbed Out’ is an underground gem from a truly talented producer and comes backed with an unimpeachable remix package. The digital version will be out May 25.

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