INTERVIEW | Steve’s Manager, Manuela de Jong-Budimilić in talk with Mixmag Adria

Attention, all the Croatian speakers! The premise of the 20th anniversary of AD Sound is to tell its story and take a new path. To that extent, the life story of Manuela, Steve’s long-time manager, can be quite useful in understanding the driving force behind the agency and its goals. The feature also includes a celebratory mix from Alexander Kowalski.

Spanning from electronic music forums, contemporary art to… hugs, Manuela’s journey is a microcosm for AD Sound’s activities, merging tradition, kindness and a hopeful outlook for the future. Raised in Rijeka, she curates events with a futuristic edge, like the 20th anniversary night at E1 London (coming in November), yet remains well-connected among local promoters. That, in turn, allows her always to keep her hand on the pulse.

In the article, she presents her vision, a vision tjhat’s palpable in the way the agency communicates.

That’s not all though… the result of her work ethic, spanning 2 decades now, can actually be heard. Take a listen to the sound of it through an exclusive mix assembled by Alexander Kowalski below: