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December 1st 2023 marks the launch of DJ Bone’s Apple Music channel: ‘DJ Bone goes FURTHER’, featuring a 14-track mix by STERAC consisting of unreleased weapons and tracks by Steve himself, amongst other notable artists such as Jeff Mills and Chris Liebing, recorded during the ADE 2023 fundraiser event at Radion, Amsterdam. Each mix streamed […]

PODCAST | STERAC for Bassiani

Just in! A live-recording from Token x Reclaim Your City night at Tbilisi’s notorious club is a fresh mixture of 90s sounds and cutting-edge modern techno. Versatile, agile, deep and groovy. Welcome to the sound of STERAC.

Following the in-depth discussion panel on ADE, it’s time to bring forth the 3-part compilation (re-)telling the story of mid 90s Netherlands & its specific mixture of rave culture and sounds pure, soulful and pretty much untamed. The early records by Steve, under various aliases, played pivotal role in shaping it & channel its spirit […]

Attention, all the Croatian speakers! The premise of the 20th anniversary of AD Sound is to tell its story and take a new path. To that extent, the life story of Manuela, Steve’s long-time manager, can be quite useful in understanding the driving force behind the agency and its goals. The feature also includes a […]

This might be one of the most ambitious release projects Steve has been a part of. STOOR, a Rotterdam-based brainchild of Speedy J is strictly about forwarding the agenda of live electronic-music improvisation and organic yet direct techno straight from the source. As such, it’s not a surprise that 4 collabs of Speedy & Steve. […]

If done right, high-end artist management & booking coordination can have a profound influence on shaping the sounds and the overall aura of the cultural landscape on the intersection of music and technology. Sometimes, however, it’s also simply about changing the way it looks. Which is why AD Sound, the agency of Steve Rachmad, DJ […]

Seems like AD Sound has been around for quite a while now. And we’re pretty proud of it! Today we invite you to London. Here’s the vicennial celebration of the agency’s founding!

Following last year’s “Light in the Darkness”EP on Token, STERAC is reunited with the label’s boss, Kr!z. This time, however, in a somewhat different form. The last split release Steve was involved with, took place all the way back in 2003. The techno internationalism is a driving idea behind Reclaim Your City so it was […]

Here’s an unexpected encounter, one for the ages. The Spandau’s finest, aka Felix and Aaron from FJAAK, decided to open a fresh label, focused on twisting and readjusting sounds associated with oldschool techno. Its opening release comes from STERAC who seems to have gone all in! Using rave stabs, claps and a jacking groove, “Raving […]

The duo of Madben and Yann Lean is known for their machine-driven live acts & jacking kind of techno. Similarly, last year’s album of Trunkline, “Mercy”, was based around a pretty direct, unpolished sound, one that’s suited for warehouses. The follow-up digital-only remix EP gives it a nice twist and includes a dreamy, pad-driven, yet […]