ART SHOW | Steve Rachmad as part of DURATION 01 by Boris Acket

Time for something completely different. The visionary light artist and installation builder Boris Acket is about to stretch the audiovisual landscape of the old distillery located Reinickendorf, Berlin – currently known as Monopol.

His symphony of sound, light and space will include sparse, yet oddly personal soundscape by Steve Rachmad, set to the works of a friend from AD Artist Management, Samuel Dejong, a self-taught artist with a medical background in surgery, bio-engineering and design, known for his very technical approach.

This multisensory experience, shown between 10 and 14th of May, will present a great opportunity to understand Steve’s approach towards sound synthesis. The viewers will be invited to step outside of the comfort of the dance floor, while being pulled in by affective and minimalistic characteristics of his sound palette.

The whole exhibition, DURATION 01 – RESIDENCY, will also feature contributions by Lumus Instruments. a multidisciplinary studio with background in design, architecture and engineering, among others.

Don’t forget to RSVP here and check out the preview of the exhibition below: