ANNOUNCEMENT | Colin Benders & STERAC live

Following their electrifying debut at Fusion Festival in Germany in 2023, Colin Benders and Sterac are set to captivate audiences once again with their unparalleled live jams. These two techno virtuosos are bringing an exclusive experience to Berghain, Berlin, and Bassiani, Tbilisi: a 4-hour set, fully improvised and performed on hardware alone.

This unique format highlights the duo’s commitment to the art of live performance, pushing the boundaries of electronic music with each session. Their shows at Berghain and Bassiani will be a deep dive into the world of techno, showcasing the magic of real-time creativity and the powerful connection between artist and audience.

Don’t miss the chance to experience Colin Benders and Sterac in action, where each performance is an unpredictable journey crafted from the duo’s vast array of synthesizers and machines. These exclusive 4-hour sets promise an immersive and unforgettable exploration of sound.

We are accepting booking requests in collaboration with Reprise Talent (internationally) and Mojo (Dutch bookings).