12/07: kis. @ Studio 80, Amsterdam

For the third episode of ‘kis’, Steve Rachmad invited two artists who define the meaning of dance music in their own special way. Because as every ‘kis’ line-up reflects Rachmad’s own broad taste and mosaic-like personality, this edition again brings three completely different musical minds to Studio 80.

Unlike the name suggests, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts is just one Canadian fellow, yet he’s still a full one-man-band. His all-round musical talent and training allows Guillaume to infuse the standard house and techno framework with organic influences; for instance those of jazz. Expect a soothing, energetic, and powerful performance. In Studio Two it’s carte blanche time again; Enrique’s Groove is one of Steve’s friends who’s also called ‘The Downtempo Don’. He’s the type of dj that drives Shazam crazy; from Ethiopian funk, to Peruvian soul, every record is obscure and fantastic!

Steve’s very excited to welcome everyone back to his favourite hometown club. His team will welcome you at the door, take your picture ‘kis style’, and guide you to the dance floor. The question is: Are you ready to keep it simple?