04/09: kis. w/ Cassy & Steve Rachmad

The sweaty summer nights in Amsterdam merge into the first days of September and therefore already the third kis. of the year. After inviting favorites from Dutch grounds including Makam, Steve Rachmad laid his eyes on the Berlin based Catherine Britton, better known as Cassy. In 2013 they already teamed up during one of Steve’s club nights in the same dark, smokey and intimate club that is Studio 80. Together with Rachmad she will take care of the first room once more.

As a young kid Cassy moved from England to Austria, learned to sing, studied music and worked at a theatre for years, but giving up on that only opened doors for the originally half Caribbean artist. Her first professional step into the electronic music world was as a vocalist for Autorepeat; it’s because of Electric Indigo she got convinced to not only involve herself as a singer but to learn how to mix records as well. Ending up moving to Berlin in 2003, Cassy got inspired by artists such as Ricardo Villalobos and Steve Bug. Result? Releasing multiple records on Perlon and finding a second home at Berghain’s Panorama Bar.

The back room will be the territory of Carlos Valdes & Tim Hoeben. Valdes, who’s been leaving his footprints in the music industry for over the past ten years, is known for his love for multiple genres, organizing his own club night Is Burning with Sandrien and his energetic, ever surprising sets. Together with 33/45’s creator and back-to-back buddy Tim Hoeben, they will be covering loads of disco, house and techno cuts during the next kis. edition. Find the Facebook event here.